Campaigns of the youth

The Youth Coalition of Serbia is an informal network that gathers seven national youth organizations and organizations that work with youth: Student Union of Serbia, JAZAS Youth, Young researchers of Serbia, Scout Association of Serbia, Youth Info Center, Youth Council of Vojvodina and Civic Initiatives. It is the process of strengthening Serbian youth organizations and the recognition of the youth as a group of importance on local and national level that is one the priorities. The youth (18-27 years of age) makes 18.8% of the Serbian population. The marginalization of youth needs and problems has become a trend.

The goal of youth organizations is to solve the youth problems and create long-term youth policy that would answer the needs and interests of young people in Serbia. Solving the problems and answering the youth needs is only possible through the dialogue and joint actions of the national youth organizations, local youth initiatives, youth organizations on local level and organizations that work with the youth.

Youth Coalition of Serbia has initiated a long-term bottom-up advocacy campaign that will deal with youth issues and mobilize all relevant stakeholders that could influence the improvement of youth position. The campaign is focused on local level, in ten cities and towns of Serbia (Subotica, Sombor, Becej, Novi Sad, Beograd, Valjevo, Zajecar, Kragujevac, Vranje, Pancevo) with the goals to:

  • Rise public awareness of youth position
  • Initiate forming of the institutional body for youth, financially and materially supported by municipal authorities
  • Create local youth strategy as a result of cooperation between the youth organizations, local authorities and civic society.

Youth Coalition of Serbia will take part in Sport Festival by organizing several info stands, workshops, movie showings etc, on the following topics:

  • Creating the national body and national youth policy
  • Youth mobility – Young Researchers of Serbia
  • Youth participation – Civic Initiatives and EMOTE
  • HIV/AIDS prevention and discrimination – JAZAS Youth
  • Sexual and reproductive health – Youth Info Center
  • Anti-corruption and liberalization of visa regime for youth – Student Union of Serbia
  • Ecology – Scout Association of Serbia
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