About the festival
Having become the leader in organizing mass events, in 2005 the Belgrade Cultural Network is starting with a new mass event – «The Belgrade Sport Fest».

The main intentions of such an event are a logical step forward in our business vision – always to make something new, original, not seen in the region, but attractive, interesting and unusual at the same time.
This project brings to you:
  • over 150 sports disciplines in one place
  • rich musical and accompanying programmes
  • a series of accompanying entertainment activities
  • campaigns of the youth
  • minimum 300 000 people on the spot
Concept: The event should be an active presentation of more than 150 attractive sports disciplines (some of which haven’t been seen in SCG) in one place, including interaction with visitors, evening musical programme and a series of other attractions promoting a sports way of life.
The sports in question will be either tournament or recreational, and special attractions will be offered to citizens free of charge (bangee jumping, etc). The sports programme will last from 10 am till 8 pm, whereas the musical programme will last from 9 pm till midnight.

Venue: Ada Ciganlija

Time: 17 - 19 June 2005
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