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11. and 12. June 2005
10.00 – 18.00 h


Balkan Youth Union (BYU) and EBCO Balkan – Belgrade office, as a members of PEACE POLICY NETWORK in Serbia, organize a public stand on BELGRADE SPORT FESTIVAL  (11th and 12th of June) for the purpose of collection of the faces (photographs) for MILLION FACES petition as a part of the global CONTROL ARMS campaign.

Why should we join the ‘Million Faces’ petition?
The ‘Million Faces’ petition is a new way of campaigning. We are collecting photos and self-portraits of people all around the world to demonstrate to governments that we need effective and urgent action to control the arms trade crisis. Our aim is to collect one million faces by 2006 as a powerful visual message of support for the Control Arms campaign. We will then use this mass movement of people to persuade the world’s governments to sign up to a global Arms Trade Treaty. With your help it will be the world’s biggest popular movement against the misuse of arms.
We would like to be an integral part of this global happening.
By this activity we would like to show to the whole World that one small country, that passed through one of its worst period in the history – that we all remember very well, wants to send a message of peace, non-violence and human tolerance.
We would like to show to the whole World that Serbian people don’t want wars, that it is against misuse of the weapons. On this way we would like to improve a bad picture of our country, our people, which is, unfortunately, in many countries around the World still the only picture about us.
We would like to send a message of peace to the World, a message that we are against all wars on the planet Earth hoping that we could help stopping the violation of the most important human right, a right for living.

BYU and EBCO Balkan organize a stand (PEACE TENT) on Ada Ciganlija where all visitors of BELGRADE SPORT FESTIVAL will be able to give their VOTE – photograph for the CONTROL ARMS campaign.

It is expected that Ada Ciganlija will host more than 300.000 people from Belgrade and surroundings during 3 days of the Belgrade Sport Festival.
On the stand, all interested visitors will be able to find out more about the whole campaign, movement and about this peace activity in whole.
Members and volunteers of both organizations will take photographs of the visitors and distribute related propaganda material, flyers and leaflets with slogan SMALL ARMS IS A WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION.

This activity is a part of the global WEEK OF ACTION on CONTROL ARMS organized by IANSA
It is supported by UNDP – Belgrade ( office and SEESAC (

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